Budget Formulation

Our personnel played a vital role in the development of the Budget Formulation and Execution Manager (BFEM), a software application that facilitates the definition, collection and reporting of budget documentation for submission to the OMB and Congress. In addition, we have closely worked with BFEM customers to help them design the optimal business process that takes full advantage of BFEM’s capabilities.
A11 Services Corporation can assist Federal government organizations in all phases of their budget formulation process. We have extensive experience facilitating the creation of budget documentation for submission to the agency budget office, OMB and Congress.
With respect to OMB MAX A-11, we understand the OMB Account budget perspective used to create appendix information in the Congressional Justification and we can help organizations create and justify their budget artifacts.
Our personnel have implemented several budget formulation systems within government organizations. These systems help organizations automate the process of defining, collecting and reporting budget formulation information. We have closely worked with our customers to help them take full advantage of the systems’ capabilities.

Performance Management

A11 Services can assist government agencies with their performance management requirements. We can help organizations abstract their performance plans into meaningful performance metrics. A11 services can also help define or refine our clients’ processes for collecting performance measure information. We have extensive experience implementing systems that automate the definition, collection and reporting of government program measures in compliance with the GPRA Modernization Act of 2010.

Information Technology

A11 Services Corporation has technical experience in a variety of enterprise application systems. We can provide assistance in any phase of the development lifecycle from initial requirements gathering to detailed design to implementation, testing, and deployment. Our approach to technical solutions is to leverage the most effective combination of open source projects, commercial off the shelf solutions and custom development. The following summarizes A11’s technical capabilities:

  • Software Development (Java/J2EE, JavaScript/AJAX, HTML, XML, C++, Perl)
  • Database Development (Oracle, DB2, MySQL)
  • Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) Development
  • Database Design
  • Enterprise Systems Design

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